Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Stamping Session

Hi, what a fantastic afternoon/evening we had, I didn't get to make too many cards, as what I was wanting to use was being used or not where it should be, it was fun working with Rosanna and Morgan, they both have their own ideas, Morgan did some wonderful sponging, Rosanna did some beautiful colouring with the water colour pencils, then using the blender pen, Morgan had decided to become camera shy all of a sudden! We didn't get to keep Morgan to long electronics was calling, no competition, LOL.
Here they are in action.

Princess Rosanna for the day

Yes he is under there somewhere!

Rosanna made the above and immediate cards below, with the above one she used some metallix card I had, so the stamp hasn't worked as good, and my photography doesn't help, but a great idea! Rosanna was on a mission and made 21 cards, which included a lot of thank you cards in anticipation of what she might get for her birthday and Chrismas.

These two are Morgan's creations he only managed to make three, but did put a lot of effort into
the colouring and sponging, se well done to Morgan as he has this idea it is really a girly thing and I say no way! I have seen some beautiful cross stitching done by men and I am sure there must be some card makers too, not just found any of their blogs yet!

Did a stupid thing and dropped the camera last night, Morgan and I collided whilst trying to take pictures, boy was I sick I had only been saying earlier to keep the strap on (should practice more of what I preach), anyway the lense won't go back in, the camera shop said probably more expensive to fix than buy a new one, we are going away at the weekend so a new camera had to be bought (old one only 6 months old), anyway another lesson learned. Here they are hard at work.

Bye for now and thanks for looking in, take care and happy crafting whatever it maybe X:)

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  1. wow your guys were very busy. I love seeing the kid's get involved. Great card's everyone.


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