Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purple Pumpkin Huge Giveaway, Bogey and Barbie Jelly (Jelly and Yoghourt) for you Stacie

Hi all

Just had to let you know about this Mother and Daughter blog I follow and have bought a few goodies from, but you do have to be quick lol!  They are having a huge giveaway of vouchers ($100's worth) to purchase goodies from their next sale on 18th November, here is a sample of some of the goodies they sell.

How cute are those buttons and so pretty are the doilies and flowers

Full details here

Now for a little fun, this post is for Stacie one of my blogging buddies.  Stacie posts about what she has been making each week and couple of weeks ago she posted about yoghourt cake which led me to telling her about yoghourt jelly.  She wanted the recipe, so had to make it as I don't usually measure it lol!  Edward's Aunty Nan introduced them to Bogey Jelly first (Lime and Natural Yoghourt), then Barbie Jelly (raspberry or strawberry with Yoghourt).  As you can image the kids loved it.

First dissolve the jelly using a cup and a half of boiling water (approx 300-320ml), varies with different jelllies, but do not add the extra cold water.

Then add approx two cups (500ml) of vanilla yoghourt

This is what it will like, but keep mixing I use the spoon but you could you a whisk

Will look like this, you will still have the odd small lump of yoghourt

This is the raspberry jelly

 Place in the fridge for approx 4 hours and it sets, beautiful with fruit, ice-cream etc, it is really nice to have on a hot summers day, hope you give it a try, let me know what you think.

Now off to do more in the garden, will show some photos soon, really pleased witht the pavers/flags we laid, working on another path today so think of me shovelling stones off the ute lol!  Still haven't lost any weight:(
Thanks for stopping by, hope you are all well and happy crafting, enjoy the rest of your weekend, take careX:)


  1. Hi Annette

    The Yogurt Jelly looks like a great idea to make with my boys, I will have to give it a go.


    Michelle :o)

  2. VERY COOL! That top one really does look like snot or slime! LOL! Thanks so much for mixing a batch up so you could give me measurements. Glad you added pics too or I would of thought I screwed up! Sure doesn't look as pretty until it sets in the fridge! I will be making this for sure in the future! Might try it for Thanksgiving! Is this a common recipe in Australia and do you mind if I share on my blog when I make mine?

  3. The yogurt jelly looks yummy!! I will have to try it with my girls!!

  4. Annette this looks so yummy! Im going to try it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  5. love all the buttons and bits!
    The red jelly looks scrummy.....not sure about the green one! LOL.

    Hope you are grand
    love Teen xx

  6. Thanks for sharing about the fabulous giveaway, I'll be sure to pop over and check it out.

    xo Abby


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