Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally finished the bolero and fundraising for Lyndall and Alopecia

Hi all, where does the time go!!!  Hope you are all well.  Still no card making in my free time I have been knitting and FINALLY finished Rosanna's Bolero/cardigan, not the fastest of knitters lol!  Got it finished in time for her to go out to a party on Saturday night.

On my beautiful DD

A closer look at the knitted lacey edge, I think I should have stretched it more when sewing it to the cardigan, was going to undo it but Rosanna likes it how it is PHEW!


Whilst trying to catch up on blogging (a couple of weeks ago, sorry for not getting posted sooner) I visited the gorgeous Cheryl's blog and read about a lovely lady called Lyndall who is battling Cancer yet again!! Cheryl is organising a fundraiser event, if you could send Lyndall a card or would like to help with the fundraiser evening, please go see Cheryl's post for full details and whilst there have a look at her beautiful creations. 

Lyndall and her three year old son

This is the link to the fundraising blog where you can also buy some fantastic digi's that are for sale.

Also Mandy on her blog 'A Sprinkling of Glitter' has some blogaversary candy and surprise candy also to people who send Lyndall a card.

Also over on Kellie's blog I read about Heidi (her five year old daughter) and herself having their hair chopped to raise funds for Alopecia.

More garden news for those who are interested.  This is why I haven't got much crafting done lol!

Finally got all the sand down and the boys had fun using the wacker to make it firmer, added more stone/rocks and changed the colour of the path, put some flags down but found when we put the different colours together they are slightly different in size, so having to start again and leave a 2mm gap on some and not on others, gonna be fun lol!

Enjoy the rest of your week, happy crafting and take careX:)


  1. Hello my sweet friend!! :) WOW!! It looks like you've sure been busy GF!!! Your daughter looks adorable in her new sweater and I adore your fun patio/walk-way you've done!! It takes a bit of work, but it's so much fun for sure!! I should take the final photo of our patio too! :)

    I will be watching your first card you make up my dear!! :) Thanks for stopping by hun and so glad to hear you're doing well!! HUGS

  2. Wow!! You are a girl of many talents. You sure have been busy!! Gorgeous work Annette!!

  3. Hi Annette

    I have been having a catch up on your blog .. .. I was sorry to read the craft store didn't go ahead.

    I have always been picturing you beavering away at it .. .. but some things aren't meant to be and it means there is something better round the corner waiting to happen.

    Loving your knitting here. The cuff detail is brilliant and your daughter makes a beautiful model!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hi there Annette.All work around the home seems to take forever when it is DIY...and it looks like a big yard in photos .
    But love your knitting skills on show .Small squares seem to be my limit .LOL

  5. Wowww that looks great Annette! Great to see you back!!
    Hugs Kristel

  6. oh I wish I could knit! Rosanna looks beautiful in it! I love the cuff!

    you have been so busy in your garden.
    love teen x

  7. Oh wow Annette the bolero is gorgeous, I love the lacy edge, no wonder Rosanna is happy with it :)
    OMG your garden looks huge hunny, I am so envious no wonder you've not had much time for card making.
    Thanks for the link too and helping spread the word of the card appeal, fingers crossed loads of cards get sent to Lyndall :)
    hugs Mandy xx

  8. Wow, I am very impressed with your knitting. That is something I don't know how to do. Looks great on your model too!

  9. Wow, Annette your garden is looking great. A lot of hard work happening there. Your bolero is just beautiful .... wonderful yarn you have used and sewn together so neatly.

  10. Hi Annette,what a beautiful bolero and it looks wonderful on your daughter,wish I could knit,I have no patience for it so much for posting about Lyndall and for the FANTASTIC box of goodies you sent,to help her.Will email you shortly.BTW you garden is looking amazing!!
    Hugs xx

  11. Hi Annette,
    I love reading about what you have been up to. The jumper looks awesome and your garden is coming along really well. I have been doing a little gardening myself and am so excited that spring is coming!!
    Alicia xx

  12. Your daughter's bolero looks fantastic - gotta agree with her the edging looks fab.

  13. Wow Annette fab job on the sweater...I do love the little lacy edge thats very pretty!! Im off to check out the fundraiser: Take care

  14. Wow - you sound really busy! The cardigan is gorgeous.


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