Thursday, September 16, 2010

How do you store your ribbons? Celebrating with Ribbons at The Stamp Spot

Hi all, just a quick fun post, Marcia is still celebrating for The Stamp Spots First Birthday and giving a gorgeous ribbon pack away, Marcia would like to know how you store your ribbons.  Missed her fantastic giveaway yesterday, time got away on me again lol!

Now I loove ribbons (think it comes from being a little girl and having satin ribbon in bows on my pony tails hehe).  Here are how the main of my ribbons are stored, purple, pink, Christmas, others, lacey, specials.

A peek inside purples and pinks, now DH, DD & DS call me a tidy freak, as I like everything in the right place lol!

Ribbon rack, just wasn't big enough lol!  Don't you just get a thrill when use ribbon of a roll, or am I the only sad one around here lol!

So pop on over and join the party.

Off to work now, thanks for stopping by, will catch up with you all later,  happy crafting, take careX:)


  1. Wow, that looks way neater than my method! I wrap mine around large craft sticks and toss them in a basket. I like that yours look so organized!

  2. Wow lookhow organised you are! Mine is a mess you have inspired me to sort it out!
    Sue x

  3. WOW Annette love how you stored your ribbon, thanks for sharing girl!!

  4. All those ribbons OOh (sound as in twit twoo not ooh that hurt). Hope you change over goes smoothly. :-) xx


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