Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christmas Cards for Soldiers

Hi all just a quick post to let you know about our card drive challenge on September 12th which is to create Christmas cards, which will be sent to CJ who will then pass them on so they can be given to soldiers to send them home to their families and loved ones.

You can make as many cards as you would like, just please no shiny stuff or glitter. It can endanger the soldiers lives. This is a request by the people we will be sending the cards too.

Hope to see you all on our blog hop on Sunday.

Thanks for visiting, happy crafting, take careX:)


  1. Love the idea of sending Christmas cards to soldiers...I'm going to try and create at least one! Thanks so much for sharing.



  2. What a great cause to make cards for!! The soldiers would so appreciate them while away from their families.


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